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Welcome to 30 Day Workout Challenge

Welcome all who deliberately or randomly came to my first workot site.  :D

My name is Isabelle and this is my 30 day workout challenge.
Gufffy me.

A bit about me:
- 25
- Slovenia
- graphic design / e-marketing / seo 8-4pm
- road cycling / mountain hiking / bodyweight workout
- try to eat as healthy as I can
- catlover

Why this 30 day workout challenge?

   I have decided for this challenge to put myself in shape and write it all down and give you links to great free home workouts that I will find and try.

But not only that!
   I want to do this challenge in a way that I will not have to do massive changes. What I mean about that. 
   I will combine 3 sorts of activities that i love to do: road cycling, hiking and home workout. But these activities are dependant from the weather so I will not have any schedules or so.

   I would like to test if I can get nice body shape with activities that I love to do without any strict schedule.

  Every day I will write down what I did and give links to online workout routins that I will find.

Workout schedule:
- minimial workouts per week : 5

- nice body shape
- visible abs
- butt lift

30 day workout challenge begins:
- tomorrow : 23.7.2014

   This is all that I wanted to write.  

If you have any comments feel free to share it with me! If you know any great workout site that you have try send me link and I will try it also!

Have a great day!!!
Something for motivation!!!

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