sreda, 23. julij 2014

Day 1: Butt workout

Welcome to my day 1 , which is practically over. This will be very short post.

Today I did a great free home workout that I found on youtube channel Fitnes Blender.

This one is short but very effective workout routine because it is focused on butt, legs and thights. This workout video is great for all who want to have more rounder butt. You can perform these exercises with your own bodyweight or you can use some extra weights. I used some extra weights so tomorow I will be filling legs. :D I love it!

This video has short warm up, than the routine and streching for the end. But before the streching I did some abs workout and then for finish I did streching.

Here is the free home workout routin that I have been doing today. Enjoy :D

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