četrtek, 31. julij 2014

Day 7: Bodyweight workout

 Welcome to my day 7 /30. Today's post is for yesterday because yesterday I didn't have time.

Whell today is time to work-out glutes, hamstrings.... A specially dedicated day for this part of my body to really focused on it.

Some of the workouts that are great for glutes are:

- squats
- sumo squats
- back leg rise
- bridge

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torek, 29. julij 2014

Day 6: Pilates

   Ufff...day 6 and pretty much mentally in these plan- I think.

   Weather is really not summery. Raining again and time for my workout.
Since I did quite hard workout yesterday, today I will do something more peacefull and no equipment based -a pilates.

   I look for the workout again on Fitness Blender. Now I got quite used of it and their way of start and workout routine.

   This workout really suprised me in positive way. No equipment but with slow moves I could really think about how my muscles are executing an exercise. And afterwards really feeling all my muscles. I love it :D

And after pilates I did short abs routine.

That was it! Have a great day!

And if you have any comments feel free to share it with me! If you know any great workout site that you have try send me link and I will try it also!

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nedelja, 27. julij 2014

Day 5: Sunday workout before bed

   I love doing workout before I go to bed. Its actually funny because after I have more energy than when I started and then I have trouble sleeping. But I like it because the filling is great and after workout I like to take bath and watch some tv...

   Today I did free home workout from Fitness Blender. This workout routine is about an hour long. It is mostly focused on tonning lower body.

Each workout is repeated 8 times for 20sec workout and 10sec rest

- Squats
- Deadlift
- Lateral hops
- Alternating lunges
- Flutterkicks
- Calf rises
- Sumo squats
- Crunches
- Crossover lunges
- Back bows

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Day 2, 3 and 4 : When life gets in a way

   After I did so great plans for my workout plans I imediatlly ignore it. But not on purpose, it just happened that after work i had to go around...
   And on my day 4 I was just lazy. I picked a great dress and after that when i came home i was so pleased that i fell asleep :D

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sreda, 23. julij 2014

Day 1: Butt workout

Welcome to my day 1 , which is practically over. This will be very short post.

Today I did a great free home workout that I found on youtube channel Fitnes Blender.

This one is short but very effective workout routine because it is focused on butt, legs and thights. This workout video is great for all who want to have more rounder butt. You can perform these exercises with your own bodyweight or you can use some extra weights. I used some extra weights so tomorow I will be filling legs. :D I love it!

This video has short warm up, than the routine and streching for the end. But before the streching I did some abs workout and then for finish I did streching.

Here is the free home workout routin that I have been doing today. Enjoy :D

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torek, 22. julij 2014

Welcome to 30 Day Workout Challenge

Welcome all who deliberately or randomly came to my first workot site.  :D

My name is Isabelle and this is my 30 day workout challenge.
Gufffy me.

A bit about me:
- 25
- Slovenia
- graphic design / e-marketing / seo 8-4pm
- road cycling / mountain hiking / bodyweight workout
- try to eat as healthy as I can
- catlover

Why this 30 day workout challenge?

   I have decided for this challenge to put myself in shape and write it all down and give you links to great free home workouts that I will find and try.

But not only that!
   I want to do this challenge in a way that I will not have to do massive changes. What I mean about that. 
   I will combine 3 sorts of activities that i love to do: road cycling, hiking and home workout. But these activities are dependant from the weather so I will not have any schedules or so.

   I would like to test if I can get nice body shape with activities that I love to do without any strict schedule.

  Every day I will write down what I did and give links to online workout routins that I will find.

Workout schedule:
- minimial workouts per week : 5

- nice body shape
- visible abs
- butt lift

30 day workout challenge begins:
- tomorrow : 23.7.2014

   This is all that I wanted to write.  

If you have any comments feel free to share it with me! If you know any great workout site that you have try send me link and I will try it also!

Have a great day!!!
Something for motivation!!!

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