torek, 29. julij 2014

Day 6: Pilates 6 and pretty much mentally in these plan- I think.

   Weather is really not summery. Raining again and time for my workout.
Since I did quite hard workout yesterday, today I will do something more peacefull and no equipment based -a pilates.

   I look for the workout again on Fitness Blender. Now I got quite used of it and their way of start and workout routine.

   This workout really suprised me in positive way. No equipment but with slow moves I could really think about how my muscles are executing an exercise. And afterwards really feeling all my muscles. I love it :D

And after pilates I did short abs routine.

That was it! Have a great day!

And if you have any comments feel free to share it with me! If you know any great workout site that you have try send me link and I will try it also!

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